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Post  HOAnubis on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:41 am

So we have some VERY important birthdays coming up.. And even if she may not be returning for season 3, she is an AWESOME person.

So, I personally would like to congratulate Nathalia Ramos on her 20th birthday! You've made a movie, a hit TV show that I would call myself obsessed with, and are just plain awesome.
You've been through a lot.
You were given a locket from a lady who you at first thought she barely knew her own name.
You faced going up into the attic for the first time and found a secret panel that hadn't been touched in at least half a century.
You saw a painting that matched the picture in your locket as you and your soon to be boyfriend deciphered the hieroglyphics on the back.
You saw that those heiroglyphics meant to look under the 8th stair and found a key but had to run away from Victor without putting the stair back on all the way causing him to fall down the stairs.
You realized the key open a box in a secret panel in the attic that had a strange hexagonal object that you opened to find a riddle. It said "When daytime ends at midday through tears of glass the eye shall see"
You discovered that riddle led to putting up an old chandelier that turned green and pointed to another secret panel in the wall at midday. Inside was a piece of paper that said "Ket is the place to find and there in the flames you must look behind"
You tried baking with a stove that turned out to be a secret passage leading to the cellar where a ring was attached to the wall in front of painted on flames. It had a bunch of numbers.
You had help from Jerome who you didn't trust but told you 1, 2, and 9 were the most common numbers, like in the year 1922, the year King Tut's Tomb was found and explored. The number was on a panel on the sarcophagus in the main entry hall, but there were cameras so your future boyfriend through his jacket over the camera and distracted Victor so you could get a piece of paper that said "Belethered and clasped the one place where 'yesterday' always follows 'tommorow' "
You quit Sibuna. (Now I'm tearing up :'( They grow up so fast)
You found out that yesterday follows tomorrow in a dictionary so you found an Arabic dictionary that only you could open with your locket and rejoined Sibuna while realizing when focusing a light on the hollowed out part that soon appeared to say "Under the eyes of Horus a globe and hollow lie, two right for eternity and just one left to die"
You saw the hollow globe in the main entry hall, on the staircase where there were several Eyes of Horus, so you turned it right 2 times to find a weird looking thing but Victor caught you took it and screamed then put it in his safe (Combo: 3357).
You wrote a play.
You actually found out what the those weird things were for.
You starred as Sally in a play that Joy and Rufus came to and during intermission went to the house to retrieve the Ankh piece but forgot the combo, but Victor came and you hid and saw the combo again getting apparently 2 ankh peices.
You used Sarah's numerology number and birthday (11 01 01 1915)to unlock a clue after an earthquake that said "My father's father stands tall, his face and hands together turn circles around Isis and Osiris and Horus the son reveals me"
You realized that what was supposed to be in the clock and 3 o' clock was already in your hands and you opened it with your numerology numbers and birthday (11 07 07 1995) and find the clue "Awaken the Voice" on your wall.
You recognize that it means the phongraph that never worked, it was a case, concealor of evidence, the clue "Unleash the power, light your way. Find the demisphere hidden below"
You soon found out that the light was the chandelier and the demispere was inside the bottom of it along with a piece of paper with the clue "Inside the core of my enemy's pride is where the final relic hides"
You had a friend that made fun of the clue relating the core to Core-core-Corbierre and spun his head around while victor was out finding a bottle cap that says "END" on it.
You ran from a wannabe immortal psyco with flies that have killing power to find Joy "The Chosen One."
You were the Chosen One.
You made the Cup of Ankh.
You kissed your future boyfriend at prom on the same day as last 3 things as Prom Queen.
You came back for another year!
You re-hid the Cup of Ankh and unleashed a crazy psyco ghost named Senkhara who threatened your life unless you didn't find the Mask of Anubis and cry Tears of Gold.
You got caught at the library.
You found another library, more like RFS's(Oma that looks like Rufus....) study and some amulets not omelets that protect you throughout the maze below the ground.
You and your soon to be future boyfriend again broke up.
You have a friend that got blinded for 24 hours because she looked at a book.
You cracked a cube to make a triangle.
You learned hopscotch.
You have a soon to be future boyfriend again that knows push ups.
You fell down a chasm in a dream.
You were heart broken.
You almost fell down a chasm.
You and your soon to be future boyfriend again had another moment!
You found an alligator and more help.
You learned a chord from your soon to be future boyfriend again.
You went through a spider web.
You learned some potion skills but were faked.
You played a song.
You found six reflecting objects.
You had an enemy that returned
You tricked a blindfolded new kid while he was on a date.
You played Senet.
You fell down a hole.
You met an old Victor.
You were saved by your frenemy.
You didn't smell very good but your soon to be future boyfriend again hugged you.
You found a spare key.
You found a replica.
You found the original.
You had an Osirian.
You were possessed and almost killed someone.
You had an Osirian that did some awesome chanting and saved you and some other people's lives.
You cried Tears of Gold.
You had an enemy that went down in flame
You had Tears that kept someone alive.
You gave him the ring.
You and your soon to be future boyfriend again made up and kissed.
You tweeted me about by icon, and thanks for that!
You are awesome.
You should have a Happy Birthday.

I think we agree this is more important than Nina or Joy's birthday on July 7th, I mean they're not even real people..

--- H O Eye of Horus N U B I S
P.S. I TOTALLY support you're decision for the school work and stuff and hope you have a GREAT 20th year. Plus, I hope you like this. It took me an hour.

~HOAnubis, Yeah, your LEADER!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATHALIA! Empty From a House of Anubis Fan

Post  HOA Fan on Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:32 am

Happy Birthday Nathalia!
Have agreat one!
♥ Ya!
-- From a House of Anubis Fan!


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