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Chapter 1: House of Departure

So, guy's, it's me. Amy, or "Amelia", I swear that name is cursed though. I was six and I loved that name, until we learned about Amelia Earhart who disappeared and ended in tragedy and I was teased and actually accident prone until I accepted Amy for a name. The accidents and teasing went away. It's cursed. Well, I think it's cursed but my mum and dad think I have no clue what cursed means. Heck, I'm 16 now and my mum doesn't trust me to stay home alone.
My mum and dad met in high school and tomorrow's my first day as a freshman. I wonder what who I meet will turn out to be one day. My parent's also believe in fate and all that mumbo jumbo. I don't think anything too special would happen. Or at least I didn't and now look what happens. I'm not a big writer but I think this is where the "story" part kicks in.
"Mum!" I shouted the day the plane was to leave. Didn't trust me alone at home but trust me on another continent? "The plane leaves in a half an hour!" I've lived in England most of my life but right when I was starting to be popular they take me however many kilometers across the globe to the West Coast of America. Don't get me wrong California's a dream but I miss Liverpool, which has as more or less stars than LA. But I have met some stars like a very old Katy Perry. Her old stuff was actually pretty good when I heard it.
"I'm sorry it takes so long to use the bathroom!" My mum has something of a British accent, spending half of her life there, but uses American words in her accent. I remember old home videos of her when she had an American accent, but still it's hard to believe it's her voice after years of hearing her speak.
I'd be spending a school year in a uniform so I didn't pack to much clothes, maybe 2 suitcases full plus my mom gave me £100 to get new clothes and junk until I fess up and get a part time job unless I don't want that 2031 Honda Civic Coupe, and that's only 2 years old! It's in mint condition and if I get a mere £4000 my parents will match it! I've already got 400 by doing odd jobs in 2 months so almost 2 years and it might be sold already... But enough about my dream car lets get on with this story.
"I got everything!" I yelled from a room away to my mum. "Now let's go! Let's get out of here!" My mom walked into my room. "I miss England."
"I know, Hun." She told me. "But we've got to wait 'til your father gets back. You don't think you're riding that plane alone do you?"
"Of course not."
"Anyways, we've arranged to meet some old friends once we've dropped you off."
"Yeah, and I think you'll be rooming with some of their daughters."
"Like who?"
"I don't know but remember these names: Amber, Alfie, Patricia, Eddie, Joy, Jerome, Mick, Mara, and I think that's it."
"Who are they?"
"You'll find out."
They heard a door open.
"Daddy's home!" I shouted with glee. I ran down the stairs into his arms. "Oh, I've missed you!" I let go of the hug. "Now let's go."
"Wait, wait, wait." He warned. "You have a present." He held out a small gift wrapped box.
"Ooh, what is it?"
"Open it." He handed it to me.
It was one of those boxes where you just popped off the top with out wasting paper or anything that was also reusable. I took the top off ever so slowly and peaked in it. "You didn't."
"I did."
I took off the lid all together and stared at the Droid Invincible cell phone that just came out. It had a keyboard like I like and touch screen but made with special material built just right that it is water proof and if dropped off a 3 story window, it wouldn't leave a scratch. I'm not going to test that out though, I know better. "This must've cost a fortune!"
"It was worth it considering you'd be so far away."
"Thank you!" We hugged again. "Let's go." I smiled.

The airplane landed on the runway. Oh how great it was to feel U.K. air again! And the weather felt great.
There was no more time for me and my parents to spend together as it was time for me to depart in a taxi.
I put my luggage in the back as my dad paid the driver. Just as I was about to get in and bid my parents ado, my mom pulled me off to the side. "Before you go, I want you have this." She handed me and elliptical type locket wit points on long sides. Kind of like a sideways eye.
"What is it?"
"Just something that will protect you. A good luck charm."
"Cool." I opened it up and saw a picture of a girl. "Is this you?"
"No. And don't leave it out in the open. Protect it and it will protect you. Don't let everyone see it either."
"I promise."
"Good. I love you."
"I love you too. Bye!"
"Bye! See you over the holiday!"
I said my good byes to my father and gave both parents a hug and a kiss as I got in the cab.
"Amy Rutter?" The cab driver asked.
"Yes, Anubis House please."
And that was the start of the best and worst school year of my life.

Of course it's going to be continued, do you think I'm mad woman/man?!

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