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Character Name: 1000 Gold Points
Pick A Name from the list below with a *star beside it to have your username changed. You will be E-mailed a notification When your Name is Changed. If you try to change it on your own it will say something along the lines of "Username is Forbidden."
If you don't have enough Gold Points, there is no such thing as a "Loan" on here and no lay away either. Sorry!
nina martin @msanubis*jasper @egyptian
fabian rutter @smarticle*mr. sweet @sweetie
*amber millington @prettyinpink*trudy remahn @thebaker
*patricia williamson @trixie*robbie @dontblameme
*alfie lewis @a_dog*amelia pinches @pinches
*jerome clarke @j_meister*chelsea @yeahright
*eddie sweet @nokidding*mr. winkler @winky101
*joy mercer @joyful*ms. robinson @robin
*mara jaffray @smarterthanu*frederick mercer @joys_dad
*mick campbell @sportsmygame*mrs. valentine @valentines
*poppy clarke @popcorn*victor rodenmaar jr. @victor
*piper williamson @iluvmusic*kt rush@adventuregirl
More Coming Soon!

~HOAnubis, Yeah, your LEADER!
I may not be #1 in the world, but I am def. #1 on this site. No arguement.
You don't UNDERSTAND how hard I am laughing.
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